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Choosing engineered hardwood flooring

When choosing the best wood floors, you might find you have many more options than you thought once you start shopping. This is good news, as you’ll find there’s a perfect match for your every requirement. Consider all your options for the best results, and we’ll help make it possible with some great options.

Engineered wood offers more than you might think

Engineered wood flooring offers a wide range of characteristics that cater to your varied requirements. Of course, they provide an appearance that is sure to match all your décor styles, with a variety of species, colors, and finish types for the perfect touch in every space. But they also provide a wealth of other benefits.

For durability, engineered flooring offers layered construction and a top wear layer that protects against all manner of wear. They are a perfect choice for below-grade placement since they stand up to dampness, humidity, and varying temperature changes far better than solid wood. With this added durability, you’ll even find these floors can provide superb performance in bathrooms and kitchens as well.

These floors usually require the acclimation you might expect in the wood flooring line. This ensures that your flooring and the area into which it will be installed have humidity levels that match. The process varies but usually takes from one to three days, depending on the humidity and weather conditions leading up to your installation.

Just like solid hardwood, you’ll have the option to choose the wood species of your choice, a décor-matching stain color, and the finish that adds the perfect touch. Even better, you can refinish these materials the same as you can with solid flooring. With proper care, you can expect an average lifespan of about 30 years with these products.

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Five Star Hardwood Flooring knows your requirements and preferences are an essential part of your shopping considerations. That’s why our associates are trained to pass along outstanding expertise to ensure the flooring of your dreams. We take pride in our craftsmanship, service, and affordability, so don’t miss your chance for an outstanding experience.

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