Do pets and hardwood flooring mix?

Do pets and hardwood flooring mix?

If you have pets but want solid hardwood flooring for your remodel, you should know that blending the two is possible. Of course, special precautions should be taken, but there’s no reason why you can’t have pets and hardwood floors too.

Hardwood offers plenty of features to make it appealing to every homeowner. Here are some tips for creating a pet-friendly surface where you want it most.

Hardwood and moisture don’t mix

Everyone knows that hardwood flooring and moisture don't usually mix. That's because wood reacts to dampness by expanding and contracting based on temperatures.

But with certain features added to your new wood flooring, you can have a better experience than most. This experience is a great time to consider hardwood for all your pressing remodel needs.

Making wood floors pet-proof

Textured finishes could be your best friend in a pet-friendly home. These surfaces better hide light scuffs and scratches, such as what comes with pet nails.

But they also hide dander, so the surface of your floors won't look dirty when your pet sheds their fur. It's easy to clean, but you won't have to worry about an eyesore between wood flooring vacuum sessions.

A great sealant makes a big difference, too, protecting against a bit of dampness from wet paws now and then. A few well-placed area rugs can work wonders too.

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